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Wirral Business Support imageIf you need IT support for your Wirral business, there’s every chance Elstree IT services can help. Unless you’re a medium to large enterprise, it’s unlikely that you will have the luxury of a dedicated IT department and probably try and take care of most of your IT requirements yourself. Of course, when things go wrong, this can cause a heavy impact to your workflow, sometimes costing money in wasted hours trying to solve a problem.

Having worked in IT support for corporate and medium-to-small organisations since 1999, I have a wide understanding of the impact of system downtime on a company. The following are the most common things I get asked to assist businesses with:

PCI DSS Compliance

Bit of a nasty one this; you suddenly get a letter from your bank warning you that you need to be PCI DSS compliant or face the possibility of nasty fines. To make things worse, if you don’t prove your compliance, banks will often charge you a fee/fine each month until you cough up proof that your business is compliant!

The good news is, it’s not as nasty or complicated as you might think and can be assessed and sorted out in about one hour or less! So don’t bury your head and hope it will go away – get in touch and book an appointment to sort out your PCI DCC compliance today!


So you want two or more computers to talk to each other or share files?

No problem, it’s now easier than ever to set up an internal network – though more often than not at the expense of security. Visible and poorly secured wireless networks are easy targets for drive-by hackers and breach of your network can often render your PCI DCC compliance status worthless!

With my experience in corporate networks, I can get your PC’s safely talking to each other, or go a step further and install a scaled-down Client/Server system as used in modern corporate environments.

Safe data sharing is at the foundation of good business practice and it’s easier and cheaper than you might think!

Remote Support

So why did companies lose their IT department headcount and outsource IT support to other countries?

Answer? Remote support.

By far, one of the biggest revolutionary impacts on IT support in the first decade of the 21st century has been the ability to remotely support computer users via an internet connection. It is now possible (with the users consent) for a support engineer to remotely connect to a computer anywhere in the world and deliver first line support, as though they were there in person!

Today’s modern remote support services are encrypted & secure and at the time of writing, have not been compromised. So you can now enjoy instant support without waiting for a support person to arrive at your premises to assist!

Data Backup

No one’s favourite subject, but something that can’t be overlooked. Disaster recovery and backup procedures have been pretty sketchy in the past, but it’s definitely getting easier to find backup regimes that are automated and have little impact on working time.

Depending on your budget, you can choose from a simple automated backup procedure onto a local storage device or a system that mixes both local storage and cloud backup services.

You may well have heard of ‘The Cloud’ as being the all-singing-all-dancing answer to everyone’s backup problems; but there will always be an element of doubt there regarding third party trust and reliability so we strongly recommend that you never choose a cloud service as your sole backup provider. Opt for mixing physical drives and a cloud services together and you have the foundations in place for good disaster recovery.


When all you want to do is get on with running your business, computer security can be another time stealer.

Whether you want to implement a desktop anti-virus policy, secure your wireless network or implement an IT security policy for your staff, Elstree IT Services can advise and help you arm yourself against the bad guys out there who want to steal your identity and your cash.

Disclaimer: Remember, technologies are constantly evolving and new threats arrive on a daily basis, some of which will inevitably penetrate unknown vulnerabilities that have yet to be secured. Therefore, no company can guarantee that any security measures implemented will be secure indefinitely! IT security is a moveable feast and we have to keep following where the food lands!

If you want to discuss any of your Wirral business IT support needs with Elstree IT Services, please use the contact page to get in touch.