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SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation for the uninitiated)

How many SPAM emails come into business’ mailboxes offering “I can get you the No.1 spot on Google for your product!”?

SEO Snake OilProbably thousands

The truth is, no one can predict how or when Google will change their algorithm for search engine ranking, besides which; Google will always tell you to read their website optimisation guide and stick to the use of relevant keywords, relevant content and relevant links (referred to as ‘Backlinks’) to have a good chance of a high search result listing.

There is no magic Snake Oil an SEO company can apply to an existing website to make your site rank higher. The best thing to do is to make sure you start out with an SEO friendly website to avoid pitfalls later on.

Having been involved in E-commerce since 2004, I have discovered:

  • How to best optimise an E-commerce website for search engine traffic
  • Why you don’t waste money on SEO companies and their dubious methods of improving rankings
  • How to build an SEO friendly website, with very little trouble or technical knowledge

It all comes down to Semantics – the analysis of word meanings and their relations between them. Get this right from day one and you will reap the rewards of higher search engine rankings. However, you won’t win on every search term – especially if you’re coming to the web late with a highly competitive key-word search term for your business. But, with a bit of thoughtful preparation, careful content placement and a modest Google AdWords budget, it is possible for new websites to enter the market with a fighting chance.

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