Website Advice

Website advice imageSo You Need Website Advice?

Websites…everybody’s got one…right?

Well, anybody trading in goods that can be bought over the counter or sold by mail-order would be crazy not to think about having a presence on the Web!  Even if you don’t need a shopping website, a simple listing is essential; who looks at the Yellow Pages any more?

Trying to get website advice can be daunting, especially with the marketplace full of nerds trying to blind you with science! Thankfully, I have been involved in building websites since 2000 (it wasn’t great back then, I’ll admit it!) enabling me to provide sound advice to those wanting to make their first foray into the World Wide Web. Elstree IT Services can offer website advice covering the following areas:

  • Simple directory listing/landing pages
  • E-commerce shopping sites
  • BLOG’s
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • PCI-DSS Compliance

Are  Elstree IT Services Web Designers?

That depends on how you look at web design, as in order to create a good website, it is necessary to think on both sides of the brain. It is generally thought that the left side of the brain is used for scientific and logical thought processes, as opposed to the right side which concentrates on the more visual and creative aspects. As individuals, our brains usually work on a dominant side, so in web design companies you will often find at the bare minimum, they employ a Web Designer and a Web Developer. The Developer builds the site with lots of horrible code, whilst the Designer bolts on the eye-candy and makes it look nice. As regards brain patterns, never the twain shall meet! They both think outside of different boxes…trust me…I’ve seen it in action!

When you ask a one-man-band if he/she is a web designer who does it all independently and the answer comes back as a “Yes” – sound the alarms! Chances are, the person is good at one of the two jobs – but not both!

So What Are You – A Designer Or A Developer?

Being from a creative background (having studied Art, Photography & Music in further education) I would deem myself to be dominantly ‘right-brained’. On the other hand, I do forage into technically challenging areas so something is definitely doing overtime on the left side – but I’m no heavy code writer!

Consequently, I rely on pre-coded software such as the beautiful WordPress & Kartris to act as my Web Developer and then skin them with an appropriate design to satisfy the needs of the customer. Yes I can kick the code about a bit to make bespoke tweaks, but there may be times when a third party needs to be brought in if anything extra-demanding needs to be accomplished. Accordingly, there are times when a Graphic Designer may need to be called in to take the creative juices to another level. Whatever route is taken, you can be assured that the end result will be fit for purpose, whether for a simple one-page directory listing or a secure on-line shop.