Success With A Troublesome PC!

Funny how sometimes a quick BIOS flash can fix a temperamental motherboard…

There I was, thinking the old insitu ASUS board was due to be filed under ‘Skipware’, when the thought of having nothing left to lose got the better of me. It was an old Barebones system dating from 2006, but there were still drivers up to 2008 after which, I suspect support fell way, way off the ASUS radar.

Having downloaded the last BIOS release onto a USB stick, booted to BIOS and ran the flash utility, the old beast took its first re-flash-re-boot through its POST process, finally stopping to ask for some boot media.

Reattaching the HDD’s which were both successfully discovered, I decided to chance a Windows 7 Ultimate trial installation, relying solely on Microsoft’s proprietary drivers to pick up the board’s hardware.

The long and short of it is, it was a success; 10,000 Windows updates later and it’s still running fine!

Another success story and a very happy customer who thought he’d seen the last of his old workhorse, that can now be semi-retired as a spare PC that isn’t at all too dreadful to contemplate working on.

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