eBay SEO Snake Oil

Do SEO companies think people are really that stupid?

The latest nonsense I had to sit through in the course of my work was a ‘webinar’ by an eBay affiliate (I won’t name them for fear of legal repercussions) who claimed to promise the world in terms of selling to international customers on eBay.

Their idea was to optimise your listing keywords for your products for every language eBay uses, select your most likely profitable products for listing automatically, translate your listing along with any incoming/outgoing emails from international eBay buyers and increase your revenue.

So essentially, they were an eBay SEO/translation service.

15 minutes into the presentation, the smell of rodent started to gather around my nostrils. Further research on the web further served to confirm my expectations that the ROI was no where near what customers who’d signed up for the service were led to believe. In fact, after the ‘webinar’, I received an email from one of the other participants who’d signed up for the service and had spotted an immediate problem with his listings. Here is his complaint email to the Snake Oil company,  tactfully copied in to the other ‘webinar’ participants:

This is an URGENT request.

The translations for the headings and listings are ATROCIOUS! We sell tyres, so the sizing and brand names are universal. For the headings, the translators have translated brand names and product titles into other Language! So – a tyre made by ENSIGN is now listed as a “flag” in several languages, for example, as Ensign also means flag!! “Avon Safety Mileage” tyres are now translated into the French for security kilometres – which is nonsense – they are known the world over by their brand and product name.

Please – urgently – do NOT translate the titles of the listings AT ALL – the brand names and sizings are universal and there is no need for them to be changed – simply list on the international sites with the existing titles. Secondly – if you want people to continue to use the W*********t service, please have a cursory read of the listings to make sure these mistakes are not also made in the listings.

I have copied in all the addresses of the people in the webinar so they are aware of how poor the translation service is, and can either think twice about signing up, or prepare themselves for all the problems that are instore.

Please put the original listing titles into place for all listings you have created ASAP!

Once again, I despair at how these companies try and squeeze money out of people by promising them the world and delivering a half-baked product.

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