Blackberry Contacts To iPhone Hell!

A client told me he was trying out an iPhone and wanted to transfer all of his contacts from the Brick – sorry – Blackberry to iPhone.

There’s a way of doing this via Gmail whom he had an account with, but didn’t have his Blackberry contacts uploaded to. After perusing the internet and downloading the Blackberry desktop software (all 80+ Mb of it – does it really have to be that big?), I managed to transfer all of his Blackberry contacts into Outlook. Not forgetting the stupid settings I had to make in the awful Blackberry to make it free up the contacts to communicate with the computer. That was a joke setting of the highest order and makes me wonder how Blackberry sell this rubbish to people. Write better software folks!

Once in Outlook, the obvious thing would have been to install iTunes and sync Outlook to iTunes and sync the iPhone to iTunes to import the contacts. But that introduced another issue of associating the phone with another computer on another installation of iTunes which Apple doesn’t really deal with conveniently on PC’s; so I wanted to avoid iTunes as we weren’t in the vicinity of his home PC.

Turns out there is a method of exporting all the contacts into one big VCF file, emailing it to an email account used on the iPhone and then importing the VCF file into the iPhone contacts. This worked extremely well, only for the client to get absolutely fed up of having to keep logging into his new Apple account to do simple stuff, resulting in the phone ending up on eBay!

Well, at least I learned something useful!

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